Wigan Dialect

A Collection of Lancashire Dialect Poems, Phrases & Sayings from around the Wigan Area.






Gooin't Baths
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Goo'int Baths

It were beltin goo'int baths on a set'day.
Three or four of us waitin fot buz.
As soon as it come, wid aw feyt gerr on.
Cos aw of us wa'ntid bit fust.

Neaw sumdy all'us fogeet summut.
A towel , there'd be a fair chance.
But we neyer forgett'n ar cossies.
Cos we ad um on under ar pants.

Afoo'er buz stopped , top o king street.
Wid jump off , cos we aw could'nt wait.
Wid leg it through grimes's arcade.
Cross library street, into millgate.

Neaw .. by this time wid aw be excitid.
Racin ter't bottom ert slope.
Then beawncin through dorr , wid aw get that wiff.
Of chlorine, un carbolic soap.

Three of us squa'shed in one cabin.
Gerrin undressed , stood on't seat.
Then beltin deawn steps inter't shars.
Lathrin ar cossies , un scrubbin ar feet.

I wonc't geet clod eawt for pee'in in't pool.
Thatendunt he pooshed me in't road.
I said it were'nt reet .. us moo'ist folk pee.
He said .. " aye " but norr off top divin board.

Neaw.. they'd clod us aw eawt abeawt four.
Wid wunder weer time it'd gone.
Wid caw in a shop for an hovis breawn loaf.
Un e,yt miggle eawt as we walked wom

Going to the Baths

It was good going to the baths on a Saturday
Three or four of us waiting for the bus.
As soon as it came, we'd all fight get on.
Because all of us wanted to be first.

Now someone always forgot something.
A towel, there'd be a fair chance.
But we never forgotten our swimtrunks.
For we had them on under our pants.

Before the bus stopped, top of king street.
We'd jump off for we could'nt wait.
We'd run through grimses arcade.
Cross library street, into millgate.

Now… by this time we'd all be excited.
Racing to the bottom of the slope.
Then rush through the door, we'd all get that whiff
Of chlorine and carbolic soap.

Three of us squashed in one cabin.
Getting undressed stood on the seat.
Then rushing down the steps, into the showers.
Lathering our trunks and scrubbing our feet.

I got threw out once for pee'ing in the pool.
The attendant he pushed me into the road.
I said.. it wer'nt right that most people pee.
He said… not off the top diving board.

Now… they would make us leave about four.
We would wonder where the time, it had gone.
We would call at a shop for an hovis brown loaf.Eat the middle out , as we walked home.

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