By Katy Curran
There once was an elf called Elf.
Elf had been in the factory since he was one year old.
He is now 19 years old.
He liked making toys for children, any size or age.
On one particular Christmas, Elf made a brand new toy for a little girl called
Jessica was hoping that she would get a ticket to go to see her favourite show
(Dancing on Ice).
Jessica really wanted to see the show that was being shown on Boxing day at 6.30 in the evening.




A Happy Evening

Elf was really busy making toys and he was really happy.
Finally, the bell rang and Elf walked unhappily away from his desk. As he got into his meeting room, his boss (Santa) said "What's up Elf". "Well", said Elf,
"I don't like not making toys for little girls and boys".
"Well, you will be back to work in the morning", said Santa.
Elf walked happily away to the trolley to get his tea and coffee.
Elf looked at all the toys that he had made and he felt really happy because all the children in the world were going to have a happy Christmas.

Elf's Problem

The next day, Elf was busy making toys again. Then Santa said "What about Jessica, who wanted a ticket for Dancing on ice".
"Oh no!", "I forgot all about the ticket for Jessica and there is only two hours until Christmas Day".
Elf thought to himself, it will take one hour to make a ticket, "I had better get a move on", he said to himself.
Meanwhile, Jessica was dreaming and in her dream she was so excited about Christmas Day.
Elf hurried to the printer and to print off a ticket it took him thirty minutes
because it was a very delicate design.
When the ticket came off the printer, Elf picked it up and hurried to his desk.

Busy Busy Busy

One hour later, Santa was getting ready to set off.
"Santa, Santa" shouted Elf.
"You forgot Jessica's ticket".
"Well I can't hurry off without that" said Santa.
Santa popped the ticket into his sack.
"First stop, Jessica's house", said Santa.
"Away they go", said Elf.
A few minutes later, they were soaring through the air and was about to land on Jessica's roof.
"Slow down, Rudolph, we don't want to crash into a house", Santa shouted.
Santa need not have worried because Rudolph guided the sleigh to a perfect landing.

Christmas Day

On Christmas morning, Jessica woke up to a shock. There was a ticket to go and see 'Dancing on Ice' but not only that, Santa had left her lots more presents not only the ticket.
There was a dancing on ice family. There was a big dancing on ice stadium where she could make the family dance (it was electronic so she could watch them dance on their own).
Also she got the X factor stadium 2013.
She felt as happy as happy could be.
She was squealing with delight.
She went into her mum and dad's room and screamed out, "Mum, Dad, come and see what I got for Christmas". He brother said, "You have only got a ticket". "No I have not" Jessica said in anger.
"I have got the Dancing on Ice stadium and the X Factor stadium, and by the way what have you got for Christmas", said Jessica.
Her brother opened his Christmas present and he only got an X factor ticket.
"The reason you only got a little present this year is because for the past three years you have always been chauving me, saying that I would only get a little present for Christmas, but now it's your turn to have a little present".
Santa knows when you have been good or bad.

The End


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