The Adventures of a Five-Pound Note

I was lying in the left back pocket of Jim's jeans with Rhea, my friend the ten pound note.
Jim got up and started to put his jeans on, I fell out of his pocket and floated onto the pillow where Jim sleeps.
Jim started to walk to the shop when he realised that he had lost me.
My friend Rhea who is a ten pound note was in his pocket as well. Then Jim said to himself, "I'm sure I had a fiver in my pocket, Oh well! I still have my tenner".
So Jim used Rhea at Aldi to buy a chocolate bar.
Jim returned home and put his change from the tenner onto his table and walked out.
Then I noticed that Rhea was gone.
Jim's sister Isabella walked into the room and said, "Ooh, how lucky I am, I have found a fiver, I better take it before Jim comes back".
So Isabella quickly took me and hurried off into her room.
So now, I am a stolen fiver.
Isabella walked out of her room with me in her purse.
She went to Aldi and used me buy a packet of sweets.
This was very peculiar because I found myself in the same till as Rhea.
Suddenly, a big chubby man came walking to the till with a big trolley filled with groceries.
The lady on the till said, "That will be £25 pounds please".
The man gave the till girl two twenty pound notes and she picked me and Rhea and gave it to the man.
The man said, "Thank you very much" and walked out of the shop putting me and Rhea into his wallet and put it in his back pocket.
Me and Rhea was just having a nice conversation when suddenly the man pulled his wallet out of his pocket and grabbed me and tugged me out so hard he ripped me into two pieces.
He stuffed one half of me into his wife's hand and said, "Here this is the fiver I owe you".
He realised what he had done and he pulled the other half of me out and gave me to his wife.
His wife said, "Now I will have to stick it back together".
She got some Sellotape and stuck me together.
I can tell you I wasn't very comfortable.
The lady took me to the bank the next day and changed me for a brand new five pound note.I heard the cashier say, "That's another one to be returned to the Bank of England"."I wonder if I will ever see Rhea again" I thought.




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