Wigan Dialect

A Collection of Lancashire Dialect Poems, Phrases & Sayings from around the Wigan Area.





A Nip in't Th'air
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A Nip in't Th'air

" Mornin lads, it's not so waarm."
Is usually the greetin.
When't werk'ers enter Golstones,
Un place it still wants heatin.

Better leave thi coat on ,
Until tha's ad a drink.
Un then wil see shop steward.
Un he con cause a stink

" Ar lads wain't werk in this ere cowd."
Will be the plea from him.
When really it's nor aw that bad.
Well. Not for werkin in.

Wee in an har, it soon gets waarm.
Un so yo see it shows.
A likkle bit of awkertness,
Ull keep um on their toes.

A Nip in the Air (Translation)

Good morning lad's, it's not so warm.
Is usually the greeting.
When the workers enter Golstones.
And the place it still wants heating.

Better to leave your coat on.
Until you've had a drink.
And then we'll see the shop steward.
And he can cause a stink.

Our lads won't work in this cold.
Will be the plea from him.
When really it's not that bad.
Well .. not for working in.

Within an hour it soon gets warm.
And so you see , it shows.
A little bit of awkwardness.
Will keep them on their toe


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