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A Collection of Lancashire Dialect Poems, Phrases & Sayings from around the Wigan Area.






Th'only Solution
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Th'only Solution

Nineteen yer owd, un sut in't theaws.
Its norr her fawt, her corn't gerr a job.
Its gerrin ter't state where hers willin tak owt.
Just fot mek a few bob.

It corn't do no good for kids at her age.
Sittin for ars, writin page after page.
Applyin for this, un applyin for that .
Then earin hers bin turned deawn flat.

It meks thi wunder wots goo'in on.
Un wot there aw goo'int do.
They keep on seyin educate.
They'll at stop on at skoo.

But road that I understond it.
There's only one thing fot do.
That’s lowerin retirin age .
Deawn to twenty two.

The Only Solution

Nineteen years old and sat in the house.
It's not her fault she can't get a job.
The situation is she's willing to take anything.
Just to earn a few bob.

It can't do much good for kids of her age.
Sitting for hours, writing page after page.
Applying for this and applying for that.
Then hearing she's been turned down flat.

It makes you wonder whats going on.
And what theyre going to do.
They keep on saying educate.
They have to stay on at school.

The way that I understand it.
There's only one thing to do.
That's lowering the retirement age.
Down to twenty two.

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