Wigan Dialect

A Collection of Lancashire Dialect Poems, Phrases & Sayings from around the Wigan Area.







Womtime at Golstones
Womtime at Golstones

Gerr eawt road, ther com'in.
At orf past three , they sheawt.
It's murder if tha copped in't rush.
When't wimmins comin eawt.

Aw that bumpin weight.
Feightin 't get tert front.
There's one theer . must be twenty stone.
Favvers an elefunt.

If tha gets in't road er yon yowth.
Underneeth them legs.
Tha'l eend up in leyth I'firmry'
As sure as eggs is eggs.

So tak a tip from one us knows.
Un lissun to this line.
Try gerr eawt afoor um.
Else werk some o'ertime.

Hometime at Golstones (Translation)

Get out of the way , theyre coming.
At half past three they shout.
It's murder if your caught in the rush.
When the women's coming out.

All that bumping weight .
Fighting to get to the front.
There's one there, must be twenty stone.
Looks like an elephant.

If you get in the way of that girl.
Underneath those legs.
You'll end up in Leigh infirmary.
As sure as eggs are eggs.

So take a tip from one that knows.
And listen to this line.
Try to get out before them.
Or work some overtime


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